We've made our virtual classroom API easy for developers to integrate seamlessly into your platform or LMS.

Fast integration

Speed to market is important for business owners.

Rather than spending months trying to build your own virtual classroom solution, an experienced developer saves a huge amount of time and gets a much better result by relying on the experts in WebRTC.

An experienced team can implement our API in a few hours and use that extra time to build the best platform possible.

Branded virtual classroom

Most business owners want to deliver a seamless experience and keep brand consistency. You can use your logo and custom domain virtual classroom.

Reliable and highly scaleable

We offer multiple redundancy with our video/audio components (backup if one provider were to go down) and offer a highly scaleable solution from working with some of the largest online schools.

LearnCube successfully delivers millions of minutes of live video each month already so however your scale, you can depend on us. 

Sensible pricing model

Rather than getting locked into long-term contracts with unreliable partners or getting stuck on concurrent pricing; choose a sensible, low-risk, reliable partner that matches your business model.

LearnCube provides unlimited class concurrency so that you can to spin up any number of classrooms in your peak times. We charge based on the number of hours your teachers use the classroom API so it's transparent, efficient and easy to understand.

Alternatively, we can provide a price based on the number of active teachers if you prefer.

Class logs and insights

Most classrooms are like a black box. You and your operations team cannot see what happens when a class is happening or if a student complains of a technical issue. LearnCube provides clear logs to track attendance, start time, end time, unsuccessful classes, etc.

This will be provided via an elegant, visual, dashboard to monitor packet loss, latency and connection logs in realtime.

Built-in troubleshooter

It's clear that WebRTC will become the future standard of delivering live lessons online but this is still relatively new with the last major browser, Safari, supporting the technology in late 2017.

This means that students are still getting used to the technology and user-related issues are more likely to pop up without a convenient troubleshooter that tests the basic setup: internet speed, browser compatibility, hardware compatibility, browser permissions, etc.

We provide a built-in troubleshooter that tests a students setup automatically before each class to prevent technical problems and ensure student satisfaction.

If you have more questions, please check out our API FAQs here or please get in touch.

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