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Student self-scheduling flow (Online School only)
Student self-scheduling flow (Online School only)
Student experience for self-booking a class from a list of teachers
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One flow that a school can choose is to encourage students to book a class with any one of your teachers, rather than enrolling the students in a class or assigning teachers through the system.

What the student will see when they click 'Book a class' from their dashboard is a page that looks like this.

It will display all active teachers that you have added to your school.

The student will be able to use the special day/time filters to find the right teacher faster.

The student can then click on an available green spot in the teacher's calendar or click on the teacher first, then book a time.

Once booked, the student and teacher will be sent a confirmation email.

The student will be reminded 2 hours before the class begins via email, complete the class at the right time and then be pushed back to the dashboard once they have completed the class.

The student can then book more classes in the same way.

If you'd like to watch the video, find that here:

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