How do I see student attendance or teacher performance?

LearnCube can show you which are students attending classes the most and which teachers are turning up late to classes


STEP 1 PAST CLASS REPORT - Getting overview of classes delivered

Click on Class Admin from the top nav bar

Scroll to the bottom of the page to click Past Classes

The Past Classes page allows you to access all the information you need about teacher and student class attendance

Click Search Results to discover insights about how teachers are performing

You can see at a glance when a teacher:

  • Attended the class ontime
  • Was late to the class (hover to get time)
  • Was a no-show


STEP 2 | SEARCH RESULTS PAGE - Looking to filter by teacher and date

Start with the main search bar at the top:

  • Search by teacher, teachers or All teachers
  • Search by date range

With this high level search and our actionable filters on the top of each column you can instantly find:

  • How many classes the teacher(s) scheduled in the month or date range (see this article for more on this question)
  • How many classes the teacher actually attended in the month or date range
  • How many classes the teacher was late for
  • What time the teacher attended each scheduled class
  • How many students attended each class
  • The students that confirmed the class but did not attend


Dynamic Search Bar

One key tip is to use the dynamic search bar (on the right above date column) to dig even deeper into the data.

Example using the Dynamic Search Bar

Let's say one of your students, Kate Atitarn, has complained that one of your teacher's is consistently late and is demanding a refund.

You could use this report to see if this claim was well founded.

Step 1:

In the main search bar: Choose Alex_Asher, the start date 1st of March and the end date 31st of March

Step 2:

In the dynamic search bar: Enter Kate

Below you can see that Alex scheduled three classes for March.

The first class on Monday 6, neither Alex nor Kate attended the class

The second class on March 7, Kate did attend and Alex was late

The third class, Alex attended the class but only entered the class-room at 2:43pm on the 9th of March. However, Kate was a no-show.

Step 3:

As an owner you can now make an informed decision of what to do next...


Reviewing teacher ratings and class notes

Students are requested automatically to provide a star rating after each class. This enables owners to review teacher performance to avoid any concerning trends or celebrate outstanding teacher success.

With this responsive reporting tool, you should feel empowered to celebrate success, identify problem students, spot poorly performing teachers and pay teachers for the right number of hours each month.

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