Company Add-on
For segmenting your database of students and extra branding options.
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This feature is particularly helpful for schools that are wanting to:

  1. Segment corporate customers (i.e. teach employees in company A and company B separately)

  2. Manage multiple schools or brands under the same umbrella account

The outcome of using the Company Add-on is that:

  • Students that are part of a "company" will only see the teachers assigned to that company

  • Students will see the logo assigned to that company

  • Students will only see courses assigned to that company

Here are the steps (once you've purchased the Company Add-on upgrade):

1. Click on Companies from the left-hand menu.

2. Click Add Company

3. Fill out the form (including adding the company logo)

4. Save

5. Share the link with the appropriate users to signup (this is critical) otherwise the student will by default be part of the standard platform.

Students will be able to sign-up themselves. We recommend creating the student account manually though so you can pre-assign classes and credits.

Administrators can do this:

1. Create a new student profile, if you'd like to add a new student to the company

2. Find the user you've created or an existing user through the Students section. Click on the name of the student, then click on Edit Student

3. Choose the company you'd like to assign to the student

4. Click Save

5. Share login link with students (note we can only show the company branding once the student is logged in because the login tells the system which logo to show)

6. Students log in and can see everything ready for them to get started

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