How an administrator creates a new student account: 

1. Click School Admin from the top nav bar

2. Click Students from side nav bar

3. Click Add Student at top of page

And choose Online Student (able to choose view available online classes)

You will need to update a few crucial elements of the student-teacher profile:

4. Click Edit Student from the Student Page

5. Update these important elements:

  • Status - switch to Current
  • Learning - This is important if you want the student to be able to search through relevant teachers that teach e.g. English
  • Teacher - This is important if you want the student to be able to search for the availability of the teacher

6. If you want to be a more effective operator, add any notes, client contact information, manage number of available private or group classes, and more.

Once you've created this student account, you could send the information via an email.

For example:

"Hi there, 

Thanks for joining the Language company. You can access your account here [and link to "] ).

Your login details are:
Username: The_student
Password: student3839
Once inside, simply click Book a class or choose a teacher.

You will be able to enter a class 5 minutes before the class starts but to ensure a great experience, please check your equipment with our troubleshooter.

We recommend you enter the class from a desktop computer or laptop with a headset for the best learning experience. 

See you soon,

The Language company

P.S. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are by far the best browsers for enjoying live online classes."


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