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Sign Up Flow for Students - Online School only
Sign Up Flow for Students - Online School only

Which sign up flow is best for your business? Will your administrator sign up the student or will your students self-sign up themselves?

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There are two common flows for a school and student:

  1. Admin sign up student flow (more manual but higher conversion rates)

  2. Student self-sign up flow (automated but higher drop out rates)

If you're unsure which is the best flow for your business, watch this short video.

To learn about the two options for signing up students, please read on.


The student would self-sign up and pay for an account on your website.

You would then have the student details needed to create the new student account:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Classes purchases (e.g. 10 credits)

It then takes about 30 seconds to create the student from our Student Dashboard page inside the School Admin panel and manually add the initial class credits.
After you have created the account, your team can email the student with their login information. See an example below:

"Hi there, 

Thanks for joining the Language company. You can access your account here >>link to "<<).

Your login details are:
Username: The_student
Password: student3839
Once inside, simply click 'Book a class'.

See you soon,

[First name]

[Your Company]



However, if you would prefer to have the students sign themselves up, watch this short video on how students can create an account on LearnCube.

This would be the experience and flow for your students.

After clicking 'Student login' or 'Student sign up' from a button on your website, the student would follow our automated setup wizard, "Mikey", to help the student to enter their important information.

Let's follow an example student, Alex, and his customer journey...

Mikey will ask Alex his location, native language, what subject he wishes to learn, his ability, etc.

This automatically fills in your database, so you don't have to.

As Alex would not have any classes, when he tries to book a class, he will be automatically prompted to your school's pricing page.

The student, Alex, will then pay via credit card or Paypal.

Our system will automatically update the student's credits and the student will be able to book more classes.

Check out this video that shows how a student book classes via the Online School. 


In our example, the student has booked a class successfully.

Alex can see all of his future classes listed in his dashboard.

To make it even easier, the system automatically sends the student a reminder email before the class starts.

Once Alex has entered the class, he can see/hear the teacher and interact with the LearnCube whiteboard or text chat.

Once the teacher has finished teaching, the student clicks Leave Class

The student will now have one of his classes used up. The admin system will reconcile the new balance of classes.

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