How to report a bug

How to let us know if something went wrong in a class.

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When you want to let us know about a bug, we want to help you as soon as we can. For us to do this, we do need certain information, otherwise, it's like trying to find your keys in the dark... It's possible but slow and difficult for us to solve your issue quickly.

You can contact support through the chat icon on the bottom right of your dashboard or by emailing

Online School Premium administrators also have access to our Premium Support email, for faster response times.

You can fast track your support request by providing as much detail as possible, but you should at least include these few critical pieces of information:

1) Your email or username

2) Your student's username (if applicable)

3) What happened with as much detail as possible vs what you expected

4) What did you do (if you did something) to try and solve this issue

4) The time and date of the class.

5) A screen shot including the class link (or the URL at the top of the page if you weren't in a class at the time)

Thanks for your help!

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