Adding notes to a student account

How to add academic or other notes to a student account for your teachers' reference

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There can sometimes be information that teachers need to know, but which students may not want displayed publicly on their student account. For this reason, you can add teacher notes, visible only to teachers and staff, and admin notes, visible only to school administrators.
You may think about adding information such as:

  • parents' names

  • the student's company

  • the student's learning objectives

  • specific learning difficulties

How to add admin & teacher notes

Notes can only be added to a student account by an admin user.

To add notes to a student account, simply navigate to their admin profile and click on "edit student"

You'll see two boxes in the centre of the edit panel, marked "Teacher Notes" and "Admin Notes"

Where to find admin & teacher notes

The admin notes are visible on the left hand side of your student's admin profile:

The teacher notes are visible on the student's public profile, on the right hand side:

Who can see admin & teacher notes?

Teacher notes are only visible to a teacher, admin, or staff user.

Admin notes are only on the student's admin profile, so can only be accessed via an admin account.

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