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How to Use Tags for Organising and Categorising Students
How to Use Tags for Organising and Categorising Students

How to create, add and track students using tags in your Online School

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LearnCube's Tagging feature allows better organization and efficient reporting of students.

You can assign two types of tags to your students: Primary and Secondary.

While only one Primary Tag can be assigned to a user, you can add multiple Secondary tags to the same user.

  1. Start by creating Primary tags in your Online School:

  • Go to the Students menu on the left-side admin dashboard.

  • Click on Tags and select Add Tag in the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the Tag Name and Tag Description (optional) and click Save.

2. Assign the tags to your students:

  • Navigate to the student's profile and select Edit Student.

  • Select a Primary Tag from the drop-down list. Note: there can be only one Primary Tag applied to a student.

  • You can create and add several Secondary tags if needed; type them in, separated by a comma, and then press the return key to save.

  • All the tags will show now on your students' profile, general student list and the reporting:

For more information on the Online School Tagging System, check the video below:

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