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How to use the Homework feature with your students
How to use the Homework feature with your students
Assign homework or tests to your students in the classroom.
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Homework is quite similar to the layout of the Virtual Classroom in that it has a whiteboard and a chatbox. In addition, you can pre-load content for students to work on as well as send email notifications.

How the Homework feature works

1. No video

Homework is designed to be done without direct student and teacher interaction. There is a chat box so the student can ask questions asynchronously (or synchronously if both are online at the same time).

2. Independent Whiteboard

The whiteboard works almost the same as the Virtual Classroom except for one difference. Each student has their own individual version to edit and submit their homework. You can see each version of homework for the current class listed on the panel to the left of the whiteboard.

How to access the Homework feature

From the dashboard, click on 'Class Admin'.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Class Reports'

Find the class you'd like to set homework for and press 'Homework'

Here's the flow:

A window will open which has a whiteboard and the participants listed on the left. The teacher can upload the homework from their computer or add it from the library, like they would when loading any content in a class. Also available is a space to add instructions (under "i") and a chatbox to add messages.

To notify a student that homework is ready, click on their name on the left and then on the mail icon:

Write the message you'd like to send to the student and an email will be sent with a link to click on, to access the homework.

Your student receives the email, clicks on the link and opens a page that looks like this (missing from the screenshot is any instructions that would've been added under the "i" tab):

The student clicks on the dropdown to change the status and start the homework (back on the teacher's screen and if they're online, it'll update to show the homework is being worked on):

Once the student has completed the homework, they can mark it as complete on the same dropdown (top-right) and get the chance to notify the teacher that it's done:

The teacher will get an email and when logging in, will see that it's complete:

Then can then annotate the whiteboard with any comments and corrections as well as notify the student that they can view the results by clicking on the mail icon again:

Homework FAQs:

Can homework be added only during a lesson? Or can you go back and add it to a previous lesson?
> By going to the list of past classes from your Class Admin page, you'll be able to add it to a previous lesson by clicking on the "Homework" button in the last column of the related class.

Can you look at the previous lesson’s homework together in the next lesson? Or can it only be marked outside of lesson time?

> You can do both but if you want to look at the previous lesson's homework in the next lesson, you'll need to be in the class with the student.

  • Click on the homework tab on the right and pick which homework you'd like to load.

  • View it in another browser tab by clicking on the homework icon next to the related class.

  • Or load it on the whiteboard in the current class by hovering over the avatar of the student next to the related class:

Can homework be available to a student who didn't attend the class? For example, a no-show.

> Yes, share the homework page's URL or address, and it will be created for them.

Can a student access homework from their dashboard?

> Yes, they can go to their list of past classes and if a teacher has marked the homework as "Ready to start", then the homework button will be visible.

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