Once you have upgraded to the PRO ESL plan, you will be able to access LearnCube ESL content from inside the virtual classroom.

When you enter any LearnCube virtual classroom and open your Lesson materials on the right of the whiteboard, you will be able to see the full range under PREMIUM.

Simply click on the piece of content you like or use the search bar to find the title of the unit you are looking for e.g. A1 EN Into...

Unlike sharing your screen, the annotations and notes you put on the content are saved on the page, not just the screen.

This means that when you end your class, all whiteboards (and notes) are automatically saved for post-class review by the student and teacher for 30 days.

Teachers can also reload the content/notes by adding the relevant past class, at the start of the next class.

Click here for a playlist of videos about LearnCube's ESL content.

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