Some organisations using our Online School work with young learners where the parents are the account owners but may have multiple kids enrolled as users in the platform.

This raises a small issue because our system requires a unique email address and username (that's like your key into the system) but the parent may only have one email.

Three simple solutions:

  1. Ask if the parent has another email address they can use for the second childĀ 

  2. Most email providers allow catchall emails.

Email Catchalls

If the user is using Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook, they can use the following format to create a "new/different" email but the emails will go to the same inbox.

The LearnCube Online School will show an error if a user tries to select the same email for both student accounts.

The solution is to use catchall email addresses. This involves using your email address and adding a '+' afterwards with additional text.

For example, Sarah uses the email and is a mother of two children: Jane and Robert. She could simply change her email address as below and she'd still receive email messages as normal:



That way email notifications will still go to the desired email address.

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