It's best to describe the student experience on the Online School through an example.

Kate is a student of a school using the LearnCube Online School solution. 

She has next booked a class successfully.

She can enter their virtual classroom before it starts by clicking the blue Enter Class button

To make it even easier, the system automatically sends Kate a reminder email before the class starts.

Once Kate has entered the class, she can view and interact with the LearnCube whiteboard or ask questions via the chat bar.

Usually the teacher will be waiting for your students inside the class to start the lesson on-time.

Once the teacher has finished teaching, Kate clicks Leave Class

Kate will have one of her classes used up, your admin system will reconcile the new balance of classes and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Through the platform, Kate can also:

  • Book more classes with the teacher¬†
  • Update her student profile, password, etc
  • Review her Past classes and see the Post-Class Review
  • (If option enabled) Purchase more credits through the platform
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