Example of student experience via Online School

Student experience as logged-in student via the Online School

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Students will have access to their own Dashboard when they log into their account. From here, they can see their future classes.

Students can enter their virtual classroom by clicking the blue Enter Class button

To make it even easier, the system automatically sends students a reminder email before the class starts.

Once the student has entered the class, they can view and interact with the LearnCube whiteboard or ask questions via the chat bar.

Once the teacher has finished teaching, the student clicks Leave Class

The student will now have one of their classes used up. The admin system will reconcile the new balance of classes.

Through the platform, students can also:

  • Book more classes with the teacher 

  • Update their student profile, password, etc

  • Review their Past classes and see the Post-Class Review

  • (If option enabled) Purchase more credits through the platform

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