One strategy many online schools use to gain the confidence of new prospects is by providing free 20 - 30 minute demo classes.

This can give a student a better understanding of how your service works and your teacher can assess the student's level/skill.

To better understand the free trial flow, click the links to see these alternatives user flows:

  1. Option A - Student logs into the platform and schedules their own trial class
  2. Option B - Email student suggested free-trial class time with demo-link with no request to sign up (see below how to get this)

Each teacher can access their own demo-class with a unique link. This link follows this formula: subdomain + user name + /demo-room. For example:

To enable it, go to the School Admin page from the main navigation menu:

  • Click on the Teacher you want to create a demo-class for
  • There is a tick box that says "Demo class", select that tick box
  • Click Save
  • You'll see down the bottom, there is now a link for you to share... This is the demo class link
  • If your teacher is logged in, when they open the link - they will be able to experience the classroom as a teacher should with all the teaching tools.
  • Students when sent the link, will just put in their name, be accepted into the class and can participate very quickly.

The free-trial flow is often as follows:

  1. Teacher send the demo-link via an email
  2. Student opens the link
  3. Adds name, passes equipment checks and enters the class
  4. Class is completed
  5. Student fills in feedback

The teacher must be logged in when they click Enter demo room in order to access the classroom as a teacher.

When the student clicks the Enter demo room button, they will be notified that their teacher will let them in.

The teacher will be notified.

The teacher can also click the toggle for student Automatic Entry to a demo class if that is their preference.

Our recommendation is for the teacher to be notified and 'allow' the student to enter so they do not interrupt students who may already be learning with the teacher.

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