One strategy many online schools use to gain the confidence of new prospects is by providing free 20 - 30 minute demo classes.

This can give a student a better understanding of how your service works and your teacher can assess the student's level/skill.

To better understand the free trial flow, click the links to see these alternatives user flows:

  1. Option A - Student logs into the platform and schedules their own trial class
  2. Option B - Email student suggested free-trial class time with demo-link with no request to sign up (see below how to get this)

Each teacher can use their own demo-class with a unique link. 

This link follows this formula: subdomain + user name + /demo-room 

For example:

The free-trial flow is often as follows:

  1. Teacher send the demo-link via an email
  2. Student opens the link
  3. Adds name, passes equipment checks and enters the class
  4. Class is completed
  5. Student fills in feedback
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