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The typical learner journey using the LearnCube virtual classroom API
The typical learner journey using the LearnCube virtual classroom API

How the API can be applied

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The LearnCube virtual classroom API takes the hassle out of managing classrooms, video quality, logs, reports and everything to do with delivering the class.

The way the classroom is normally accessed is via an Enter Class button somewhere on your platform.

For example, a typical student journey might look like this...

  • The student logs in to your platform and sees their upcoming classes

  • There is an Enter class button next to each of the corresponding classes

  • The student clicks on the Enter class button

  • This activates the LearnCube virtual classroom via the API

  • The student quickly checks their equipment and enters the classroom

  • The student has a great live learning experience with your teacher

  • The teacher clicks the End Class button inside the classroom

  • The student is prompted for feedback on the learning and classroom experience

  • The student completes feedback and is redirected back to your platform.


  • The student can use the Troubleshooter tool ahead of time to check their equipment and ensure a great first class

  • The student may access a post-class review if you have enabled this

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