Overview of how to teach through LearnCube software
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Just as you would teach a student in person, you need a few things to get started teaching online:

  1. A virtual classroom

  2. A digital whiteboard

  3. A high-quality video stream to communicate

Your first goal when you enter LearnCube for the first time is to create a class

Once you've created a class and your student has also signed up and ready, you can enter your first virtual classroom.

Your virtual classroom has a few essential elements:

  1. Your face-time video feed;

  2. Your student's face-time video feed; and

  3. Your virtual whiteboard

This provides a professional, focused learning environment for you to deliver you best teaching and to help your student absorb information as quickly and effortless as possible.

To ensure you and your student have a great experience, we do the following:

  • We automatically check that you and your student have a strong enough internet connection

  • We automatically check that the video and audio are turned on and working properly

  • We provide all the best tools you need to teach a great class.

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