The student will enter the class from their student Dashboard as early as 5 minutes before the class begins.

The classroom and quick equipment checker will load...

Then it will show the first test screen for the student (we do these tests to ensure their equipment is compatible and internet connection strong enough.

If that test succeeds, the system will next test if they have allowed the web browser to access their microphone and their webcam...

This is necessary, otherwise the teacher will not be able to see or hear them in the class.

This will show that their webcam and microphone is successfully working.

The audio level will indicate if the browser can access this.

Then they will be allowed into the class...

The student should see the Teacher video in the top left (it will show the grey icon if the teacher has deactivate his/her webcam, there is a coloured indicator to show if/when the teacher is speaking.

If they have chosen to allow your webcam, you will see something similar to above. If the student has a weak internet connection...they can choose Audio only mode by clicking Join class without webcam (audio only)

If the student chose this mode, once they're inside the class, their webcam will stay disabled.

If the student does experience any technical issues, best to send them to this section of our knowledge base.

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