What should I do first on the Online School?
How to start as an administrator on LearnCube's Online School platform
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Follow this section to get teacher faster, better and easier through our online school software.


While an all-in-one school solution can seem a little overwhelming at first, you don't have to master everything at once. Start with the basics:

  1. Dashboard - upcoming classes you're taking if you're a teacher

  2. Class Admin - for managing classes and access class report

  3. School Admin - for CRM to manage students, teachers and shared class materials.


  1. Click Dashboard from the top menu bar

  2. Click Add Class and then on Add a single class

  3. Fill out the form (make sure you include the teacher, the subject, the time and whether it's a free class)

  4. Click Save

You'll see it in both the Dashboard (if you're the teacher) or in Class Admin


  1. Click Class Admin from the top menu bar

  2. Click Enter Class

  3. Play around in the classroom (here's a guide to the virtual classroom)

  4. Click End Class

You'll then be taken back to the Online School platform.

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