To provide a high quality live virtual class, it's important that you and your students have a fast enough internet connection.

Firstly, our virtual classroom works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox since they support the technology we use to provide a superior user experience.

You do not need to download the software because everything runs online through the browser.

We do recommend teachers and students use a headset, microphone and webcam although you can do audio only classes too.

Please find  this link to the internet speed requirements/recommendations of the virtual classroom. 

If the Internet is too slow the video will automatically be disabled to optimize the audio, but you can also disable this manually.

If your internet speed does not meet the speed requirements to participate in the class, you turn your video off either before or during the class.

You will know this from either the equipment check failing or the connection indicator showing red or grey (see image below - 1).

To disable your video by simply clicking the video icon on your video feed (see 2)

You can also turn microphone on and off in the same manner (see 3)

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