The number of students you can effectively teach in a class depends on a few things:

  1. Your internet connection
  2. Your student's internet connection
  3. The distance between you and all of your students
  4. Your teacher's experience in teaching groups

Your internet connection

When you live stream video, this requires a higher speed internet connection. Internet connectivity is measured in mega-bytes per second (MBPS). Think of a connection like a pipe. A big pipe can deliver a much higher volume (of data) than a smaller pipe.

See here for our minimum requirements for teaching a class.

So if you have a low-speed internet connection, it will be more challenging for you to teach larger classes.

Your student's internet connection

Internet speeds range significantly between countries. In South Korea, Sweden and Japan the internet speeds are very high (18 MBPS).

In other regions the internet speed is much lower e.g. South America (average 4MBPS), India (2.8 MBPS), Africa (average 1.5 MBPS). See here for a map of internet speeds around the world.

Think about which student is likely to have the worst internet connection...

The distance between students

Distance can still make a difference, especially if you have student from every continent in your class (e.g. Australia, Saudi Arabia, United States).

However, if you're in Australia and all of your students are in just one region (i.e. Europe), you're less likely to have an issue.

Teacher experience

LearnCube aims to create the most intuitive virtual classroom for larger groups but there is still an element of teaching experience that's important. You need to use a variety of tools to manage a group class (raise hand, chat box for questions and control student participation).

LearnCube recommendations

We recommend if you're starting out to aim for small groups of 4 to 6 students. You can use our standard virtual classroom for up to 6 students.

Beyond this number, we recommend you use our 'large group' classroom. This format gives you the teacher more prominence and better student controls. For example, you control which student videos show, which students can talk, which students can draw on the whiteboard, etc.

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