A firewall is a network security system that is used to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network.

Firewalls are commonly used by universities, schools, organisations and companies who are particularly cautious about data protection and security. Some users also have a personal firewall on their PC computer.

A firewall can slow down video/audio inside the class (because the most efficient ports are blocked) or may completely stop the video from displaying (see example images below)

Do you think a firewall is impacting your experience on LearnCube?

You can conduct a quick firewall test by clicking here

Sorry, the reason firewalls are difficult to test is we capture only a little data, the troubleshooter may not pick up the firewall initially or you may do the class in a different place you do the test.

Here are a few examples of firewalls in action:

  • Despite passing our troubleshooter tests, your video is not working
  • There may be a popup or note that a 'firewall' is limiting your access to the virtual classroom.

If you're taking your class at your office or University, do they have a firewall?

Note, you may need the IT department to allow LearnCube access if there is you want to take a class at an office or University.

Do you have a personal firewall or anti-virus that includes a firewall?

For example, McAfee, Windows Defender, Norton.

Try disabling this and see if this solves the firewall issue.

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