So you've tried this 30 second trouble shooter tool here?

Remember, the most common problems are:

1) "My video is showing blank?"

2) "I see more than one microphone option, but neither is working?"

3) "I get into the classroom, but I can't see or hear anything and video is showing blank?"

What to do if still nothing is working?

If you're still stuck and rushed for time, don't worry.

Please take a screen shot including the URL at the top of the page so we can easily identify the issue.

Worse case scenario right now is to revert to Skype or Google hangouts. You can sign up for our free online whiteboard using this email [name-company-hour e.g. alex-learncube-0832] You can get up and teaching in less than 2 minutes.

> As soon as you have an opportunity after the class, please send us an email ([email protected]) with a few critical pieces of information:

1) Student email

2) Teacher email

3) What happened vs what you expected

4) Your screenshot

* If you can provide time/date then it's even better.

Without this information, it's like trying to find your keys in the dark, and hard for us to solve your issue quickly.

Thanks for your patience and we'll be in touch asap.

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