If you're starting out, if you're an independent teacher or a small business, the simplest, fastest, best way to get started is by combining LearnCube with a scheduling software like Calendly.

The end result is you'll have 2 links to share with your students:

  1. Calendly link - allowing students to see your upcoming availability and book a class
  2. LearnCube Direct link - allowing students to get into a specific class

Steps to getting setup

How to set up Calendly

Here's how you can get this done in just a few minutes:

  1. Signup on Calendly
  2. Edit your "Event" and refer to email confirmation in Location field
  3. Confirm your general calendar availability 
  4. Copy the Calendly event link (e.g. https://calendly.com/example_company/30min) and share with students through a link from your website or via email.

Your student will open up that link and book a time with you.

Note: Connecting your calendar with Calendly is a great idea so you only have to manage your existing calendar.

Once your student has booked a time with you, it's time to send them the LearnCube link.

How to set up LearnCube

Once you've created an account with LearnCube, follow these steps:

  1. Open LearnCube and click Create class
  2. Edit the name of the class, time and date e.g. ESL class with Jane 
  3. Copy the Direct Link and share with the student via email or the Add to Calendar button.

LearnCube + Calendly + a marketing home page (e.g. website, facebook page) is all you really need to get started teaching.  

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