How to share your screen?

This is a very common question from teachers that have been used to Skype. That used to be the way you would show presentations, etc.

However, with our interactive online whiteboard there's really very little reason to 'share your screen'. Just upload the pdf, video, YouTube link, etc into the whiteboard and you'll find it a much better teaching experience.

There are occasions when you may still want to share your screen so we have developed a free 'screen sharing' extension in Chrome.

Before you start, download the extension here

This is how screen sharing works:

  1. Click the + (Class materials) button inside the virtual classroom
  2. Click Share Screen
  3. Choose the screen you'd like to share with your student
  4. Click Stop down the bottom when you're done

If you have any notes or questions, please let us know.

Note this feature is for paid accounts and is not available during free trial periods.

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