One very important aspect of growing an online school is to provide free 20 - 30 minute classes so that a student can get a better understanding of how your service works.

To better understand the free trial flow, click the links to see these alternatives user flows:

  1. Option A - Student logs into the platform and schedules their own trial class
  2. Option B - Email student suggested free-trial class time with demo-link (see below how to get this)

To do this, go to the School Admin page from the main navigation menu.


  • Click on the Teacher you want to create a demo-class for
  • There is a tick box that says "Demo class", select that tick box
  • Click Save
  • You'll see down the bottom, there is now a link for you to share... This is the demo class link
  • If your teacher is logged in, when they open the link - they will be able to experience the classroom as a teacher should with all the teaching tools.
  • Students when sent the link, will just put in their name, be accepted into the class and can participate very quickly

Tip: If you want a generic classroom, create a new Teacher with username [yourcompanyname]_trial. > This way, when you create the demo class following the steps above - the url will be e.g.[yourcompanyname]_trial

Check out this YouTube video to get a better understanding of how to use free trials to boost your business

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