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Post-Class Upcoming Classes Menu
Post-Class Upcoming Classes Menu

How teachers can access their upcoming classes. Time-Saving Tool for Teachers.

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At Learncube, we know how valuable a teacher's time is, especially when managing multiple classes. We're excited to introduce a helpful new feature designed just for educators like you.

Our goal is to make your virtual teaching experience even better. That's why we've created a unique tool that saves you time when switching between classes.

Here's how it works: After you finish one class and click "leave class", you will access the end-of-class screen. At the right of the screen, you can click on the clock icon and access a list of your upcoming classes. From there, you can pick the next class you'll teach and quickly enter the virtual classroom. There is no need to go through different screens or search your dashboard. You can also get in to prepare the materials for a future class.

Upcoming classes menu in online school and virtual classroom

We understand that each moment you spend teaching is important. Now, you can smoothly move from one class to another with just one click.

This new feature makes it easier for teachers to switch between classes so they can focus on giving their students the best learning experience.

Teachers, give it a try, and make the most of your teaching time!

Note: Teachers can still access their classes from the dashboard list if they'd prefer to do so.

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