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Classroom timer and End-of-Class Alerts
Classroom timer and End-of-Class Alerts

How does the virtual classroom timer work?

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Learncube teachers have new tools to help them manage class timings more effectively and optimise their schedules.

Classroom Timer

In the virtual classroom, teachers will find a clock icon located in the top right corner that serves as the Classroom Timer. Tutors have the option to utilise it by hovering with the mouse over it, which will display the remaining time for the class.

Classroom timer - Virtual Classroom

Teachers can easily modify the display by simply clicking on it as an option for customisation. This intuitive action will instantly convert it into a dynamic Countdown Timer:

Virtual Classroom timer

The Countdown Timer helps teachers manage their class time better. It allows them to plan activities and discussions effectively without exceeding the scheduled time.

Students can't see the timer so it won't distract them.

The Class Timer is displayed exclusively for teachers to ensure smooth and timely classes and avoid students being distracted by it.

NOTE: Please be aware that if teachers log in to the class early, they will see the countdown to the start of the class. The countdown time will vary depending on the scheduled start time:

Classroom timer Countdown

Virtual Classroom End-of-Class Alerts

The virtual classroom also counts with timely notifications that appear at the top right corner of the virtual classroom interface.

When will teachers see these alerts displayed?

  • Five Minutes Before Class End Time: The first alert appears five minutes before the scheduled class end time. This reminder allows teachers to wrap up ongoing activities and discussions smoothly.

Virtual Classroom End-of-Class Alerts
  • At the Scheduled Class End Time: The second alert pops up exactly at the scheduled class end time. It signals the official conclusion of the session and lets teachers know they need to end the lesson.

  • Five Minutes After Class End Time: The last alert appears five minutes after the scheduled class end time has passed. It helps ensure the class doesn't unintentionally extend beyond the allotted time.

These smart Virtual Classroom End-of-Class Alerts are every teacher's best friend. Tutors can keep track of time without stress, ensuring every class is right. So tutors can focus solely on teaching and offer their students a great online school experience.

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