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Can students and teachers chat privately when in class?

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Online schools have the option to incorporate a private in-class chat for all users in their classes.

Private In-Class Chat:

The private in-class chat feature lets students and teachers in Learncube's virtual classrooms communicate confidentially. Messages sent through this feature are visible only to the participants involved in the conversation, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

Teachers and students can send private messages to each other, as well as students being able to privately chat amongst themselves.

Virtual Classroom Chat In class

How It Works:

Once enabled, the private in-class chat complements the existing group in-class chat by allowing students and teachers to exchange messages privately within the virtual classroom. These messages remain confidential and are accessible only to the individuals involved in the conversation. This secure environment fosters open discussions and active participation and enables teachers to provide private instructions and feedback to students during lessons.

Activating Private In-Class Chat:

To enable private in-class chat for their classes, schools can request this feature through Learncube Support. Admins can contact the support team and ask the team to activate private chat for all classes.

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