Virtual Classroom (applies to standalone Virtual Classroom accounts, API-created classes and classes setup via the Online School platform):

  • New: chat messages can be translated and edited.

  • New: first version of Learning Analytics.

  • New: removed the old content library access on the right side of the page.

  • In conversation mode, the videos now dynamically resize based on how many people are in the class.

  • Some Chrome 89 users would see an Error 11, a bug introduced by Chrome. We introduced some changes to stop that from happening. Actual fix is to upgrade to Chrome 90+.

  • The pointer stopped working properly for a short while, we fixed that.

  • The new screen share button now allows Chrome users to share audio.

  • Switching to Polish should work again.

Online School platform:

  • New: teachers have can sync classes to their calendar.

  • New: date of birth field on a student profile.

  • New: added Superieur to the French school levels.

  • Teachers whose accounts were archived sometimes appeared as available teachers to students, this has been stopped.

  • Homework would intermittently disappear, it shouldn't anymore.

  • Fixed some class reminder emails only being sent 1 minute before the class instead of 1 hour. Also fixed a bug where an edited class would no longer send reminders.

  • Fixed an issue where creating a course of classes of a specific language, the generated class names wouldn't be consistent and would be shortened.

  • Teachers should no longer see an error when sometimes trying to send uploaded content to students in a message.

  • A range of improvements to class recording.

  • A Teacher Limited teacher-account should no longer be able to create classes.

Other general changes:

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