Virtual Classroom (applies to standalone Virtual Classroom accounts, API-created classes and classes created via the Online School platform):

  • New: The classroom is available in Romanian.

  • New: Improved the look of the language switcher in the top-right of the class.

  • Some teachers couldn't use the cross, tick and star symbols in the classroom. Improvements were made and users still experiencing the issue should try clearing their cache.

  • Tweaks to the text editing tool to make it more user-friendly.

Online School platform:

  • New: There are now two areas to add notes to a student profile when editing a student: Admin notes (viewable by Admins and Staff only) and Teacher notes (viewable by Admin, Staff and Teachers). Here's a video showing you more.

  • New: Two levels added for Online School customers: US school levels and levels 1-25.

  • New: Improved the look of the language switcher in the top-right of the school.

  • Cancelled classes no longer appear in a student's past class list.

  • Sometimes the menu on the left would disappear, it shouldn't anymore.

  • Enrolling a student in a demo class no longer deducts a credit.

  • Occasionally, a student would have a second credit deducted for an already-booked class when entering the class. This has been fixed.

  • Students searching for teachers to book classes using filters would sometimes see other teachers in the filtered results. This has been fixed.

  • Students booking classes via a teacher's calendar availability could sometimes book a 1-hour class in the last half-hour of availability, this meant a teacher would be booked for 30 minutes longer than they were available. This should no longer happen.

Other general changes:

  • Added Young Learner exam units to ESL content.

Also included in updates are behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements to usability and performance.

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