If you would like to refer LearnCube to other teachers, tutoring companies or language education businesses, and get rewarded for it, please read on :)

LearnCube uses a professional system called Rewardful to manage its referral programme. You can register for it here: https://learncube.getrewardful.com/signup.

How to sign up:

    1. Rewardful will generate a unique signup link for you to share

The link to share with your followers:

Rewardful automatically creates a unique suffix - see example above, ?via=test

We recommend that you share a link to our free-trial registration page instead of our home page: https://app.learncube.com/app/create/[your_suffix] vs https://www.learncube.com/[your_suffix]


Because there's a higher chance that followers will complete the signup process by sending them directly to the free-trial registration page.

What happens next:

  1. You can share that unique link with your network, on blog posts or on groups you're a member of.

  2. New users to LearnCube that have clicked on your link and purchased a LearnCube product will show in your Rewardful account along with your earnings.

  3. LearnCube will pay you within 60 days of their first payment, and every month they pay for up to one year.

How Your Get Paid:

Our referral programme cookies any visitors you send to the LearnCube site for 60 days. During which time, any cookied visitor that signs up for our virtual classroom products will earn you 10% of their first year with us.

Funds are automatically displayed on your Rewardful account and paid out to you within 60 days from the purchase date.

Please note:

  • Only payments that are completed using the "credit card" option on LearnCube will count towards your balance. PayPal payments are not accepted for commission calculations.

  • Commissions are paid out via PayPal.

  • Once a partner shows traction with this entry-level referral programme, we are open to negotiating more exciting partnership opportunities which could involve reselling our higher-value Online School Lite, Premium or API products.

Search terms:

#affiliate #reseller #partnership

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