The LearnCube Virtual Classroom doesn't have a built-in poll function. You can, however, use some external apps which will allow you to still use polls as part of your lesson.

Find a polling app you like

There are lots of websites which will allow you to create a poll for free. It's good to experiment with a couple to find one you like and feel confident using.

There are some prominent options. These include easypolls, Kahoot, Straw Poll, and Google Forms.

Image from Kahoot

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Ask your students to vote

You could ask your students to either access the poll you've created through a new browser tab, or through a mobile device. Alternatively, you could ask students to complete the poll prior to class. You can share the link with your students using the 'chat' feature.

Share the results

You can share the results in a couple of different ways. We'd recommend you use our Virtual Classroom screen sharing tool. This way you can easily share live results with your class. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could take a screenshot of the results, and paste the image onto your whiteboard.

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