Just like you, we take the reliability of our classroom incredibly seriously. One thing we have less control over is the actual internet connection of users.

Zoom is a downloaded app that many users are now familiar with and if you are ever in a situation where the user's connectivity is getting in the way of you delivering a class, use our Zoom backup feature.

Keep in mind that while Zoom uses different technology to the LearnCube classroom, if you or your students are experiencing internet connectivity problems it's likely that switching to Zoom won't solve the problem.

Steps to use Zoom + LearnCube's Whiteboard:

When you are inside the classroom, click on the Settings tab on the right:

Once you select this, there will be a popup notification for teachers and students letting them know what to do next.

For a teacher:

Add your unique Zoom Invite Link.

We'd suggest your teachers have this prepared well ahead of their first class to avoid feeling pressure, but you can find it in Zoom:

It will be something like this: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/893890321886pwd=GURYNjkdhFakewTXkU0YzNDZz09

You paste this link into LearnCube:

This will allow you to open Zoom and can continue to use the LearnCube whiteboard, the materials you've uploaded into the classroom as well as the chatbox.

The teacher may need to "Admit" the student which will pop up on their screen.

Once the student is using Zoom too, the teacher can arrange the computer desktop to comfortably see Zoom and the LearnCube whiteboard.

In the Zoom app, the teacher and student can increase/decrease the space the Zoom gallery view takes up on the screen.:

Alternatively, the user should click View from the top nav bar in Zoom and click Enter Minimal View.

For a student:

The student does not need to do anything until the teacher has selected the External Video option from settings.

The student will be automatically prompted to join the teacher using Zoom.

The student will click Launch if they have a Zoom app installed and it will open automatically.

The student will most likely see Zoom's Gallery View first too, and may need to be taught to reduce the space Zoom video takes up. Or the user could click View from the top nav bar in Zoom and click Enter Minimal View.

This is still a new feature so please let us know if you have any feedback.

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