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Whiteboard-only API Pricing (for Agora customers)
Whiteboard-only API Pricing (for Agora customers)

This pricing aligns with Agora subscriber minutes

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Our Whiteboard-only pricing can be based on a "per subscriber minute/hour" basis in order to align with Agora's "per subscriber minute" pricing model.

What does LearnCube mean by "Subscriber Minutes"?

A single LearnCube "Subscriber Minute" means that an individual (teacher or student) joins a LearnCube class for 60 seconds.

Therefore, to work out how many subscriber minutes your organisation will complete in a given month you just need to calculate your average class size (e.g. If you typically have 1 teacher + 6 students = 7 participants) x the total hours you deliver each month.
For example, a small tutoring company might teach 150 hours (9,000 minutes) per month with 1 student in each class. So the use would be 9000 x average class size of 2 = 18,000 Subscriber Minutes.


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