Whiteboard-only API Pricing

How does LearnCube charge for its Whiteboard-only API?

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We specialise in online tutoring and teaching. Our model aligns closely with your own. We grow as you do. In fact, the more hours you do with LearnCube, the per-unit price gets cheaper.

The two most common use cases are:

  • Developers integrating our Whiteboard API into their existing live online tutoring solution

  • Schools using our online whiteboard with their in-person classes

Remember, this particular product is whiteboard-only (no video/audio or chat).

If you are wanting video/audio/chat embedded, you can read our virtual classroom FAQ here.


Whiteboard-Only Pricing for Private Classes

We do have developers that already have an existing account with a video provider like Agora and are wanting to save themselves time and money by integrating our whiteboard.

For these customers, we follow the same pricing model as Agora: subscriber minutes (e.g. 1 teacher + 1 student in a 30 minutes class = 2 x 30 = 60 subscriber minutes).


We also have simplified pricing plans based on your class size:

  • Private classes (1:1);

  • Small groups (max 8); and

  • Large groups (8+ students).

Choose the most relevant plan for each class size. You can choose one plan for each class size.

E.g. 1000 hours (60,000 minutes) of Private Classes and 300 hours of Small Group Classes = $188 + 324 = $512.

Putting this into perspective, LearnCube would only be charging 1.36% of total revenue you might be charging (e.g. $25 per 1:1 session and $40 per 1:8 session = $37,500 total revenue)

We do provide simplified pricing plans for Large Groups (8+ students) starting at $329 for up to 150 hours/9000 minutes.

Note: We use hours because they're easy to understand but count in minutes.


Want to talk to someone?

If you'd like to know more about our pricing, please email sales sales@learncube.com.

> Note, our team can only respond with pricing requests if you email with your company email e.g. john@yourcompany.com.

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