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Adding a secondary camera to the classroom
Adding a secondary camera to the classroom

How to use a second camera or Doc Cam to improve your lessons

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A second camera opens up some incredibly interesting and efficient ways to teach students online with virtual classrooms.

Tutors focused on literacy or math that can provide students with a Doc Cam can make it effortless to get what a student is writing on a physical piece of paper onto the digital whiteboard.


  1. Ensure your secondary camera is properly connected to your computer (i.e. it might use a USB cord)

  2. Click the Screen Options Icon (bottom right corner)

  3. Choose Whiteboard Cam

  4. Select the Second (preferred) Camera (it will only be an option if the camera is connected correctly)

  5. Click Launch

The chosen webcam will be displayed on the main section of the whiteboard.


  • You can use the annotation on the video in the whiteboard itself to collaborate with your students.

  • You can change between which camera you use for your side and the whiteboard video.

Using a second camera can also work really well for music tutors who want to show their instruments.

Tip: The tutor can switch easily between this whiteboard tab and any others in the virtual classroom.

Troubleshooting Tip: Refresh the webpage or ensure the camera is properly installed if you do not see your preferred option.

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