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Join our webinars for free advice and guidance on how to grow your language or education business.

'Language Leaders Live' Monthly Webinar

We host the 'Language Leaders Live' Webinar monthly focused on a special aspect of marketing or growing a language business.

You won't want to miss this very special conversation on Language Leaders Live this month:

  • Theme: Unveiling the LearnCube AI Teacher Assistant

    We believe the future is human-powered by talented teachers. However, our vision is to enable artificial intelligence to empower personal learning and teaching.

    We have taken it upon ourselves to shape the future of language education so are proud to introduce the first AI language teacher assistant embedded in a virtual classroom.

    To explain why this is a game-changer for language teachers, in person and online, let me introduce you to a few of the leaders at LearnCube:

    • Special Guests & Presenters:

      - Wilim Abrook (Head of Education)

      - Dan O'Reilly (CTO and co-founder)

      - Brian Finnerty (Head of Product)

  • When: Thursday, Nov 30, 2023 03:00 PM GMT, 10 AM EST

Live LearnCube Teacher Training Webinars

For Online School Premium customers, we provide free teacher training each month. Request a free invite from support@learncube.com

Recorded Webinars

Sales & Marketing

  • Find the latest recording on our YouTube Playlist here on 'How to Market your Tutoring Business or Language School'.

Teaching Online

  • For 'Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online', check out our YouTube Playlist here.

LearnCube Get More Students Webinar on Marketing your Tutoring Company or Language School

Previous 'Get More Students' Live Webinars

The 'Get More Students' Marketing Webinar focused on a special aspect of marketing your tutoring or language business.

See our archive here.

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