Here's what's new in the LearnCube Virtual Classroom | end-March 2020

New: Top Tips

When someone enters a class they will now be greeted by a series of helpful tips to help them understand how the classroom works.

New: updated conversation mode

Teachers and students should all be grouped together in conversation mode (laptop / tablet). Each person can resize their videos using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

New: auto-enable Covid-19 plan for free users

While countries are on lockdown, teachers can enable the COVID-19 Assist plan.

New: “Account” info

Cancel your plan, change username or email, view payment details (click on Profile, top-right from the dashboard)

New: Multi-teacher plan

Invite and link other LearnCube Virtual Classroom account to your own, read more.

New: Option to edit class size

When editing a classroom, editing the ”Number of Students” above 4 changes the mode of the class from P2P to Group mode (for better connectivity).

New: Video tutorials a la Willim

Helpful tutorials on how to use the Virtual Classroom, added to our YouTube library

Updated: Twilio 2.0

A major upgrade to our core video library

New: Refresh Video Connection

Available in the classroom settings, in the video box beside the toggle audio / video. Clicking it should disconnect and reconnect the users video server connection to the class.

Bug fixes

  • Microsoft Edge 80+ should no longer fail in the class onboarding. All features should work on this browser.
  • Upcoming classes should now load in incognito mode in the browser
  • And a range of other behind-the-scenes bug fixes and performance improvements.
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