A lot of owners of tutoring companies want a fast, easy, centralised, branded solution for their tutors to teach professionally online.

This is what our new Manager/Owner role is for the standalone virtual classroom. 

When you choose this role, you can invite any/all of your tutors to create accounts that use your branding and are paid for by you.

This is briefly how it works:

  • You have a LearnCube (standalone) Virtual Classroom Account

  • You enable the manager role from the Wizard

  • You invite teachers to your account

  • You upgrade your account to achieve the features/number of accounts you want.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the full experience:

You signup if you haven't already.

You put in your information and ensure you select the Manager/Owner role

You finish the setup wizard.

And enter your dashboard

Click on Teachers, and Invite Teacher

Send the teacher the link via email or copy/send it to the teacher how you like.

When teachers sign up properly, they will show under teachers

If you click upgrade

This will upgrade all teachers to the same plan (visible from the top right)

Managers can see all upcoming classes by all teachers.

Tip: Use the search bar to search the different upcoming/past classes by tutor name.


They will receive the email and click through the link.

Note, this will have the same branding as what you chose.

They will only need to fill in their name and timezone.

Teacher Dashboard View

If the manager upgrades their account and chooses a plan for their 10, 20, 40+ teachers... then the teachers will see their accounts upgraded.

Teachers will deliver classes

But will only see their past classes (i.e. not the others)

Note, some plan have limited features so you may be prompted to upgrade or get requests from teachers to upgrade if you try to go beyond those limits. 

You can upgrade anytime from the top right where it identifies your plan.

So, test it out and happy teaching! 

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