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Uploading PowerPoints/Word to the Lesson Library
Uploading PowerPoints/Word to the Lesson Library

LearnCube automatically converts PowerPoint/Word docs into PDF

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It is not uncommon for users to want to upload their own content into our Lesson Library.

For Microsoft formats such as Powerpoint, Word, etc, LearnCube will automatically convert these to a PDF format in order to make it more user-friendly in the whiteboard.

We do this because PDF is a more universally reliable format (able to display on any device) and all users can annotate on a PDF embedded in the LearnCube whiteboard (users cannot annotate on a Powerpoint in the same way).

Also, we've found PowerPoints often become very large files when they include imagery and multi-media, video, etc.

What we recommend is to convert PowerPoints to PDF

  • For large files of over 10MB, we recommend you also compress large files so they load faster even if your students have low bandwidth. 

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