Sometimes you may wish to use the LearnCube virtual classroom but not our embedded video/audio/chat...

This may be helpful for those who:

  • Already have a paid plan with another video-conferencing tool;
  • Want to teach students in mainland China where the Great Firewall can be an issue.

It's as easy as opening up your preferred web-conferencing tool and sharing the relevant LearnCube whiteboard link in the chat window. See below for more detailed steps.

Steps to get and share the LearnCube Whiteboard Only Classroom link:

Once you've logged in, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Click Create class from your Dashboard
  • Click Edit 
  • Tick that you want to use Whiteboard only mode
  • Save the class for the time you want
  • Share the Student link with your student.

Steps to set LearnCube Whiteboard Only Classroom as the default:

If you only want the whiteboard (i.e. no video/audio/chat needed for all classes) you can choose this default from your profile.

Click Profile

You can change this from the second page by checking the 'Use Whiteboard only' checkbox. 

All future classes will then be Whiteboard only. 

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