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LearnCube pricing for high-scale education businesses
LearnCube pricing for high-scale education businesses

Are you already teaching 300+ hours and manage 20+ teachers?

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We can discuss custom pricing options with organisations that provide a business URL, have 40+ active teachers and generally complete 500+ hours of classes per month.

Large-scale operations need more than our 'standalone virtual classroom' can provide so may be a good fit for our Online School (physical or online language schools) or our Virtual Classroom API (fast-growing academic tutoring companies)

Volume Based Pricing

For high-scale companies, we offer two transparent pricing models:

  1. Per teacher pricing (if most of your teachers are teaching part or full time)

  2. Per teaching hour (if you have a large network of teachers but teaching relatively few hours each)


It's really simple, you just pay for the number of active teacher accounts you would like to use. 

  • Naturally the more teachers you have, the cheaper it becomes.

  • An "Active" is an individual teacher that logs into the LearnCube in a given month (we're pretty fair about this though if you're on the margin).

Alternative 'teaching minutes' pricing model.

For high-scale tutoring companies or marketplaces with 20 - 1000+ tutors, a 'per teaching minutes' pricing model may be more appropriate...

How it works? 

You tell us the approx. number of teaching minutes you want to subscribe to per month (e.g. our minimum is 9000 minutes or 150 hours) and we will provide a customer price with discounts given for volume.

One thing that will give you a big discount is if you're only teaching private 1:1 classes.

This 'teaching minutes' model is attractive for larger tutoring companies because the cost is very predictable if you have a rough idea of how many hours you teach each month and means that even if each tutor is only teaching a few hours each per month, it's better to split the hours over all teachers.

If you are currently teaching over 1000 hours per month, please ask us about this 'teaching hours' pricing.

Note that we will be able to respond faster and better when provided with a business email or website (e.g. if you want to get in touch here.

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