How to add a new staff member to LearnCube.

Just start by clicking on School Admin from the top nav bar

Then click Teachers from the side bar

You'll see a view of all teachers.

Note important information such as role permissions, reminders, status and actions.

It's easy to find the staff member you're looking for with the search bar. Just start typing and the list will automatically filter to the person you want.

Click on the Add Staff button on the top right and fill in the essential details

Note the login information so you can pass this onto your staff member when you're ready

You can then Edit the teachers information (detail)

The important fields to note are:

  • Role Which enables certain permissions (Teachers or Teacher limited)
  • Status Set to Current
  • Teacher of This sets the language or subject the staff member can teach and important for enabling students to choose relevant teachers.

You can view the staff member's private information.

You can also help them fill out their public profile which students can view. This important to help students understand and trust their teacher.

Important tip:

  • Use an attractive, friendly, clear image (ideally in a square shape) for the profile to show a higher degree of professionalism.
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