There are two popular ways for schools to provide access to the platform:

  1. Student self-sign up (automatic but higher drop off rate)
  2. Administrator creates the student account and shares details with the student (manual but potentially more effective)

Click the link above (1) to understand the self-sign up flow

See below to understand the student login experience if the administrator creates the student account:

1. Students will login to the platform through the Login page

2. Student first experience is the Dashboard (student-view)

Dashboard (student-view)


> The student can see any upcoming classes (only if they have been enrolled in them)

> The key call to action will be to 'Book a class'

> Note that the student will be prompted to select their timezone from the Dashboard the first time they login so the platform will show class times in their timezone.

3. If the school/teachers wants the student to enrol themselves in any group classes or private classes that still have spots available, the student can view this from the Live Classes page

Live Classes page (Group classes)


By default, a student has no private class credits (although this is a setting that can be changes) so the student will not be able to book private classes.

Live Classes page (Private classes)

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