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Can I translate LearnCube into my native language?
Can I translate LearnCube into my native language?
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We're generally happy for trusted partners to translate the platform into their native language.

We do this with a simple to use software called Crowdin.

This works like a database of all the words and sentences used in the platform and makes it easy to translate in one document e.g. Users are displayed in hundreds of places across the application but you just need to translate it once.

To access Crowdin, we'll need to send you an email invitation.

  1. Create an account

  2. Click on the language you're able to translate e.g. Swedish

  3. Translate the most important words first using the search bar (focus on what the student sees)

  4. Gradually build out the platform



  • We will only consider allowing translations for languages if the partner/customer is willing to complete all strings to stay professional. There is also an expectation of maintaining the language in order to stay current with new feature your students may enjoy in the future.

  • Email notifications for the Online School platform are not modifiable to avoid confusion.

  • Contact with 3 pieces of information (1) language you would like have translated (2) number of classes your organisation is currently offering (3) the email address of the translator.

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