Can I record my classes?

Many teachers and schools are asking about this feature firstly, because their student sometimes wants to review the class and sometimes because the school wants to conduct quality assurance (QA) for its teachers.

We have developed a free 'video recording' extension in Chrome, however, there are plenty of other free recording options too. We generally recommend Loom to our users for an easy recording option,

Here's how the Chrome recording extension works:

Step 1: Download the extension from the Chrome store (currently this is only available for existing LearnCube customers)

Step 2: You'll see the 'LearnCube' icon on your web browser, click the button

Step 3: Click record

Step 4: Choose your screen

Step 5: Start recording

Step 6: Stop the recording.

Step 7: The recording will then save to your desktop

Tip 1:

You can choose the 'quality' of the video recording from Advanced Options (you'll see this in the Chrome plugin under Record Screen).

Our recommendation is: 

  • Format: VP8 or VP9
  • Frames per second: 25 - 30
  • Bitrate per second: 1MB (100KB minimum)

This creates a good quality recording without involving too much data/storage.

Here is an interesting article on which format to choose if you'd like to dig into this a little deeper...

Tip 2:

Your recording is easy and quick to save into your own Google Drive or Dropbox folder for student, teacher or school records.

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