Are you delivering group or private online classes?

If you're teaching a group of students, you'll be most effective in whiteboard mode. Once you're in your virtual classroom, you can toggle to whiteboard mode from the top.

Your students can see your face-time video and the whiteboard.

They can put their virtual hand up, type questions and feel like they're able to participate in the class. It's easier for you to manage the class and answer questions via your video or the whiteboard.

However, if you're providing a private class, you might prefer our conversation mode. This hides the whiteboard out of view so your student feels like they're really able to connect with you.

The conversation mode is perfect if you're providing a private language class and wanting to hone into the student's pronunciation.

You can adjust the frame of your browser window to suit your favourite setup.

So choose the mode that suits your student's needs the best:

  • Private classes: Use conversation mode more often
  • Group classes or when wanting to use multi-media: Use whiteboard mode more often
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