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Allow' your webcam for video (using Firefox browser)
Allow' your webcam for video (using Firefox browser)

Give LearnCube permission to access your webcam or camera when using Firefox.

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If your video stream isn't showing video from your webcam, there's a chance you haven't given permission for LearnCube to access it.

Solution: Allow your camera

Test your equipment by going to You'll get to the webcam tests, remember to select "Remember this decision" (so that you don't have to approve it every time you enter a classroom) and click on "Allow".

When entering a class, click on the site information tab and you'll see the permissions you've given to LearnCube to access Firefox:

If you're ever entering a class and you see a prompt to allow the camera, please make sure you click Allow to start it.

Now you should be all set. Enjoy your class!

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