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What's the difference to Adobe Connect?
What's the difference to Adobe Connect?

What we've heard from the customers who have switched to LearnCube.

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We have a lot of education companies that switch to us from Adobe Connect.

Sometimes it feels like you need to be a rocket surgeon to be able to use their product... maybe it get's easier?

We offer a simple virtual classroom that makes it easy to teach online.

Sorry, we're not experts on their platform as we focus on transforming academic education, teaching and tutoring but these are the comments that other school owners, teachers and students have mentioned to us:

  • "It's to [ahem] hard and overly corporate"

  • "The teacher can draw on the whiteboard but it's supposed to be an interactive space. I [student] can't write on the same space."

  • "You pay per host so it's really expensive. I have to manage the schedule for the classroom which is a pain".

  • "It's been almost a decade since Apple announced it would stop installing Flash. In 2017, Apple announced it would end all support of Flash by 2020. And yet Adobe Connect is still largely powered by Flash in 2019? Come on..."

Saying that, from what I can see they do have a lot of features. Some of which we don't offer at the moment including breakout rooms, uses "our Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter", "emoticons via mobile" and a few more. 

I believe they have a WebRTC platform which is a testament to the decision we made 5 years ago, but from what we hear as of 2019, many of their customers still feel forced to use their Flash-based product. 

Does this track record make you feel particularly confident about the speed of innovation and focus on education?

Let me tell you a little more about our Virtual Classroom API - An elegant virtual classroom software for larger scale tutoring companies, education providers and language schools who want to be a collaborative partner, not just another number.

LearnCube's Virtual Classroom:

  • Is made specifically for academic education - tutoring, language teaching, etc

  • Has no external app/software to download

  • Offers a simple teaching experience (no text book required)

  • Is white label and uses your branding

  • Offers rich insights into how teachers and students are acting inside the class

If you don't already have a platform of your own, we also offer our Online School - an end-to-end solution for owners wanting manage staff, students, schedules, payments, reports and virtual classrooms in one intuitive platform. 

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