Skype for business allows you to schedule and conduct meetings online.

Tutors are resourceful and can make it work on Skype:

  • Tutors and students can use the video-conferencing tool
  • They present through screen sharing
  • The draw and annotate by using a tool like Microsoft 'Paint'

However, these are very inefficient ways of teaching online compared to what's available through LearnCube

  • Screensharing is obsolete because of the interactive online whiteboard that's embedded inside the virtual classroom
  • Students and teachers can collaborate around learning materials (pdf, synced video, YouTube, audio files for language teachers, etc)
  • The teacher has "superpowers" to take control of the class (disable mic, video, raise hand and kickout of class

More importantly, it's a superior experience for students and online companies:

  • Students and teachers do not need to download and update a separate Skype app (this removes an unnecessary friction point)
  • There is no need for sharing 'Skype addresses' (which with millions of similar usernames, is often painful for users to find the exact match)
  • Operators can quickly add/remove teacher access to the classroom (offering better protection against rogue teachers)
  • LearnCube is also brandable so you can promote your logo/subdomain, rather than Skype, to encourage brand loyalty.

LearnCube is a web-based solution (video/audio is delivered via the web browser) and is made specifically for online teaching. See for yourself.

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